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05 November 2007 @ 08:44 am
had to post this  
"Yes, these YA books are relevant to the lives of the majority of young adults... but not to mine, or any of my friend's children. They aren't exploring their sexuality, having crushes, dealing with friends with substance issues... and explicit, or in some cases even implicit descriptions of these things would be harmful to them at this time."

I found this in a discussion of censorship, sex/sexuality in YA books, etc., and started laughing. The person who posted this has a daughter of age 14, and she (I'm assuming it's a she) doesn't think her daughter, er, has crushes? And quite honestly, few teens who explore their sexuality telegraph it to their parents, especially at those first few steps into what feels like thin air...

... I mean, really. This person thinks that her/his children are the most innocent, cleanest, brightest-eyed kids in the world. Of course everyone ELSE's teens are, gasp, having crushes! and exploring their sexuality! but their children are perfect little angels. Who I guess won't have any attraction to anyone (and even then of course THEIR children will be straight and never question it, won't they, because they've never been exposed to those books about people who do) until they're eighteen, or at least sixteen, and then spring fully formed into the world like Athena from the head of Zeus. With, of course, perfect judgment on What To Do in a relationship and What Kinds Of Guys (or girls) are The Right Ones.

Still I have this unstoppable urge to keep laughing hysterically. (I mean, I haven't had any more experience with relationships than this person's kids, so maybe I shouldn't be talking, but really, people.)